The Rental Vehicle Association is the authoritative voice of the rental vehicle industry in New Zealand.

We represent the interests of operators who hire or lease passenger vehicles, minibuses, vans, coaches, trucks, campervans or motorcycles.

The Association was incorporated back in 1939 and continues to provide a variety of benefits to its members such as buying privileges, advocacy, communications, legal information and trade relationships. In December 2002 the RVA formed an alliance with the Bus & Coach Association in Wellington. The BCA also deals with similar regulatory and policy issues, both organisations maintain their own identity and governance but do share staff and resources.

Our role is to work closely with our members to ensure the sustainability of our industry through close working relationships with the New Zealand Transport Agency, Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Tourism New Zealand, Ministry of Transport and various other industry organisations including government.

Working with a range of key stakeholders ensures we have valuable input into the development of policy decisions that directly impact our industry.  We are also dedicated to ensuring all of our member’s customers have safe and enjoyable journeys throughout New Zealand.