The day-to-day administration and financial affairs of the Rental Vehicle Association are managed by a Wellington-based Chief Executive Officer and team, managing similar duties for the Bus and Coach Association.

CEO - Dr Pim Borren

Pim took over as Chief Executive in October 2019. With a career spanning roles as Principal Economist at SOLGM and Chief Executive at OSPRI, Pim brings a wealth of experience to the Rental Vehicle Association.

Policy Manager - Alex Voutratzis

Joining the Rental Vehicle Association team in September 2020 as the Policy Manager, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with over ten years in both the public sector and private sector working in transport funding, urban planning, and building and construction. 

Office Manager - Kerry Wyatt

Kerry is the Rental Vehicle Association's Office Manager. Her background is in the education sector, where she spent eight years managing administration in tertiary training.

Communications Coordinator - Oliver Elms

Graduating from the University of Otago in 2019 with a Bachelors in Marketing Management, Oliver uses his study experience and past work experince from Immigration New Zealand to handle the marketing and communications duties of the Rental Vehicle Association.