The 2023-2024 year members will be charged a monthly fee based on their projected revenue, the Council has finalised the annual revenue brackets as per the table below. Our preference is for members to set up an automatic monthly payment commencing 20th April 2023, however we will gladly accept annual fees in full if you prefer.

To join please contact the RVA directly


Tier                                           Revenue Band                                  Monthly

  1                                                  $0-$0.99m                                         $67

  2                                                $1m-$2.99m                                        $83

  3                                                $3m-$9.99m                                       $250

  4                                              $10m-$19.99m                                     $500

  5                                              $20m-$29.99m                                     $917

  6                                              $30m-$49.99m                                    $1,333

  7                                              $50m-$89.99m                                    $1,833

  8                                              $90m-$149.99m                                  $2,417

  9                                                     $150m+                                        $2,917                  


Associate Member rates are also available, depending on the type of associate membership you wish to have. Contact, to find out more. 


All information collected will be subject to the Privacy Act 2020 and will only be used for statistical purposes.  We take confidentiality very seriously and the information will be for the exclusive use of the RVA only.