The Rental Vehicle Association aims to maintain a high standard of ethical trading among its members. To that end we employ the following Code of Ethics in respect of safety, vehicle standards, premises, advertising and customer service.

  1. General:
    • (1.1) In the best interest of the public, members shall conduct their business in a fair and ethical manner and shall not act in such a way as to prejudice the standing or reputation of the Association.
    • (1.2) Members shall be fully conversant with the Third Schedule of the Transport Services Licensing Act 1989 together with subsequent amendments, and all other Regulations which apply to the conduct of a vehicle rental business and the operation of vehicles under that Transport Act.
    • (1.3) Members shall render service with absolute fidelity, honour and courtesy and protect the public against unethical practices in connection with the renting or leasing of motor vehicles.
  2. Vehicle Standards:
    • (2.1) Vehicles shall comply with all statutory requirements in regard to fitness and safety and be maintained in such a fashion that they meet the minimum safety requirements for a Certificate of Fitness at all times.  No vehicle will be hired with a known defect or in a condition where a defect is likely to occur during the term of the hire.
    • (2.2) All vehicles shall be clean and fully serviced and prepared for normal use in the type of hire to be undertaken.
    • (2.3) Where a client has reserved a specific vehicle type, any subsequent variation due to vehicle unavailability must be discussed with and approved by the client. The client shall have the right to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of any deposit paid.
  3. Premises:
    • (3.1) Members shall operate from a registered place of business and comply in full with all local and other regulations.
    • (3.2) The normal place of business shall be notified to the Association on the Membership Application Form and any subsequent change of premises shall be notified to the Association.
    • (3.3) The premises shall, at all times, be maintained and presented in such a manner and appearance as to reflect the high levels of professionalism and quality performance expected of Association members.
  4. Advertising:
    • (4.1) In their advertising, members shall not make misleading statements or use doubtful superlatives. In all instances, advertising must comply with the requirements of all commercial legislation, in particular the Fair Trading Act.
    • (4.2) The full and true nature of all charges to be paid as part of a hire shall be clearly stated in any advertising. All brochures shall state the registered address of the rental operator and no member shall advertise prices which are not and usually and generally available. The limitations on any special rates advertised shall be clearly indicated.
    • (4.3) The Association strongly recommends that all members place in their advertisements, etc. 'RVA Member'.
  5. Customer Service:
    • (5.1) Members will point out to hirers all relevant laws relating to loading and use of the vehicle. They will supply information on road safety and laws as appropriate to ensure that the hirer has adequate knowledge of local customs to ensure safe use of the vehicle.
    • (5.2) Hirers shall be advised clearly and unambiguously of all charges to be levied for a hire. A hirer will not be held liable for any charge which has not been so notified to them prior to incurring the charge.
    • (5.3) Hirers shall be advised clearly and unambiguously of their rights and liabilities under the insurance clauses of the Rental Agreement. It is not regarded as adequate that the hirer sign or initial insurance clauses. They must either have actually read them (or read a fair and accurate summary of them) or had the details clearly explained to them.
    • (5.4) Hirers shall be clearly and unambiguously advised as to the full implications of any money or charge form left as a deposit on the vehicle. No charges shall be made against that deposit money or charge form unless the hirer has been advised of the nature and reason for such charge. No such charges shall be made unless they clearly comply with Clause 5.2.
    • (5.5) Hirers will be advised of the service to be rendered by the member in the event of a breakdown. The extent and nature of that service shall be made known to the hirer before the hire agreement is entered into.
    • (5.6) The obligations of the hirer in regard to care and maintenance of the vehicle shall be clearly and unambiguously explained to them before the commencement of the hire.