RVA membership is the key ingredient shared by successful rental car businesses in New Zealand. Joining the RVA gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and the ability to network with other like-minded business leaders. Over the years the association has gone from strength to strength, becoming like a large family.

Membership is open to any person or body corporate engaged in the business of vehicle rental or leasing in New Zealand who holds a rental service license pursuant to the Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing 2017. Members of the association include rental vehicle operators of all sizes, from the large multi-national companies through to smaller, boutique local providers.

Our members hire out all manner of passenger vehicles, including evs, hybrids, suvs, minibuses, vans, coaches, trucks, campervans and motorcycles.

Members agree to be bound by the association's code of ethics, an approach designed to reflect well on our industry. Subscription fees include a base subscription plus a levy based on the number of rental vehicles in a member’s fleet.

There are lots of great benefits available if you join the RVA. You’ll become one of eighty-or-more other businesses, who see genuine value in being part of a progressive industry association. If you want to know more, or discuss whether membership would be right for you, then contact us.