If you have concerns regarding the service you have received from your rental vehicle operator you should contact them directly. However, we can also forward complaints to members if you send an email to the address below:


What you need to do

To help reach a quick resolution, we suggest you contact the rental vehicle operator by phone or email to discuss the issue with them. Many misunderstandings can be resolved just by taking this simple step. 

As the advocacy body for the rental vehicle industry in New Zealand, it is not appropriate for us to intervene in a complaint you have with a member.

If writing your complaint to forward, please include:

•       The name of the rental vehicle operator involved in the issue you wish to raise

•       Copies of any letters or other documents that may clarify your issue

•       A description of the issue. State what happened, including:

◦       the dates and names of any other people involved

◦       what you would like the operator to do that is fair to yourself and the rental vehicle operator concerned.


Can anyone else help me?

You can also get independent advice from one of the following:


The Commerce Commission

The Citizens Advice Bureau

The Disputes Tribunal