About our industry

In New Zealand, the majority of rental vehicle operators are closely linked to the tourism sector, helping international and domestic travellers explore New Zealand.


This means operators rely on accurate and timely information from key government agencies about changes in the tourism industry. As an association, we play a key role in finding out and communicating that information to our members, as well as informing government agencies on matters which affect policy decisions.


The industry is closely regulated, with transport operators having to meet specific legal requirements in order to operate. These include the operator’s obligation to hold a transport service licence, vehicles must have a Certificate of Fitness, and rental agreements must comply with elements of transport law and the Fair Trading Act.


From relevant legal requirements to up-to-date information and resources, our role as the authoritative voice of the industry means we can help all parties gain the full and timely information they need.



Current RVA priorities

  • We’re working with members to ensure their rental agreements and current practice comply with relevant legislation, such as the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
  • Engaging with the Commerce Commission leading up to their industry review, to understand their concerns and assist members in making proactive changes to policies and practice
  • Keep representing members’ interests in the upcoming insurance law review, ensuring members are informed of proposed changes and their impacts
  • Continue to represent members’ interests in the upcoming review of the Insurance Prudential Supervision Act 2010, keeping members informed of proposed changes and potential impacts
  • Reviewing and developing resources to assist members manage the risks around visiting drivers
  • Helping make the public and the media aware of the actual risk of overseas drivers versus the exaggerated perception, using up-to-date MoT and NZTA data
  • Reviewing and updating the Visiting Drivers Code of Compliance and continuing to sign up members to the Code
  • Organise another successful annual conference with industry-relevant content to challenge, inform and develop the knowledge of members who attend
  • Continue to grow RVA membership beyond 100 members  
  • Review and adapt the Automobile Fleet Leasing Association (AFLA) industry code for New Zealand usage.