How to create a Directory Entry

To create a directory entry, your organisation will need:

  • to be a member
  • to have a business admin (the person who created the account for you on RVA, or has since been made the businss admin)
  • a login to the site as the business admin with a unique password

If you do not know who your business admin is, please contact our office on +64 4 499 7334

To Create a Directory Entry

If you are the business admin, please login and navigate to your portal.

There is a menu on the left - choose Directory Entries.

Description of each field

  • Business Name - displays in the directory as the Title.
  • Directory Display Opt-In: you can choose to display in the directory or not
  • Contact Email: if someone completes a contact form, this is where the message will be sent
  • Industry Sectors: This allows people searching on the directory to filter for the sector they want.  Check as many sectors as apply to your business.

Go to the tabs below and complete the fields in each tab

About Us: 

Headline - can be your company tagline, but is not compulsory

Professional Profile - is a blurb about what your company offers

Logo - is your company logo and makes your profile look better - the default is a rectangle (landscape), so if you have a high logo, you many want to add some white space to the sides.

Contact Us:

Includes your company phone, website, address and social media links to appear in your listing.

The website title - is the text that displays on the link and the website URL is the code for the link, ensure you include your http or https.

If would like to display more than one social media link, click on the 'Add more values' button to enter a new line.  If you want to delete one, click on the right hand circle with a strike through.

Service Locations:

Allows you to nominate all the regions that you operate in.  Hold down the control key if you want to choose more than one option until you have chosen all the locations you do business in.  The end user will be able to filter by location.

Key Contacts:

Gives you the ability to promote a specific person/s to contact at your organisation, including their details and photo.  


Upload any files that you want the public to have access to.  PDF would be the best option.

SEO Settings and Node Settings are structured by the system - you won't need to complete these.

Save your profile.



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