The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) have contacted us to alert us to an urgent VIRM update, relating to seatbelts imported and distributed by BVL (Business Ventures Limited) and manufactured by Changzhou BWD, China.

These seatbelts have failed independent tests commissioned by the NZTA.  The failures identified in testing were related to over-the-shoulder belts with a ‘d-ring’ and retractor.   Most lap belts do not have these features and are not being including in this safety alert.

Vehicle inspectors have been instructed to fail vehicle warrants of fitness (WoF) or certificates of fitness (CoF) inspections if these seatbelts are identified in a vehicle.  Entry certification should also not be completed.

If BVL/Changzhou BWD seatbelts are fitted in driver’s seats, do not use these vehicles until replacements are fitted.  If fitted in other seating positions, do not allow passengers to use those seats.

We recommend checking all belts to ensure safety and prevent being caught out at CoF.  This includes vehicles that are not NZ new or have had belts replaced or fitted after entry certification. 

VTNZ have also contacted us to let you know they have technical experts based in Auckland and Christchurch who are able to help with any enquiries, and seatbelt identification.  

If you purchased a BVL/Changzhou BWD seatbelt, the NZTA recommends you talk to the retailer you purchased it from to discuss refunds.  If this isn’t possible, or you purchased the vehicle with the seatbelts already fitted, the NZTA recommends contacting BVL directly on (09) 574 6724.  For any other queries, contact info@nzta.govt.nz with BVL and your vehicle's registration plate number in the subject line.

Links to the updated VIRM sections are below, as well as a link to the safety alert for retrofitted BVL seatbelts:


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